Thanks so much for wanting to become an organizer for your Planned Parenthood Organizations group. The aim of this website is to give you the tools to build a Planned Parenthood Organizations Action Council in your community to address issues both locally and nationally.

Action Councils will help us win more campaigns to protect our rights. It’s also a chance to bring people together who care about similar issues. Action Councils are about building community and building power. In addition to looking for ways to improve your communities, we suggest you also get together socially.

Becoming an organizer means getting more involved in Planned Parenthood Organizations, and volunteering some of your time. In the first instance, that includes organizing meetings and events for Planned Parenthood Organizations members who live near you to get together.

As one of the organizers this website allows you to:

  • email all members of the group

  • create events

  • post a message on the website for other Planned Parenthood Organizations members

  • email a Planned Parenthood Organizations staff member

  • delete offensive messages on the website in line with the Planned Parenthood Organizations comment policy